900+ Cool Faction Names (November 2022) Funny, good, badass (2023)

Teamwork is essential to victory and there's nothing like playing with your friends. Playing in a faction or clan allows you to strategize together on how best to win the game. you feel like in an action movie!

Join one today - they make games even more impressive and offer players new challenges that can only be mastered as part of a group.

Ever wondered what the most popular faction names are in your favorite game? Whether you're considering starting a new clan or joining an established one, knowing what to name your clan is important.

Lucky for you, we've put together a great list of cool faction names, ranging from cute and cuddly options like "rabbits" and "cats," to work-oriented options like "infiltrators," to military options!

Ever wanted to create your own faction in the post-apocalyptic world? Well now you can! Choose from over 20 different nomination categories including cool, best and more.

With a big name like The Chosen of Soria, it's just waiting to be transformed into some sort of cult leader or something cool. Today, pick the one that suits you best - maybe even two names if both are a good fit for your new group!


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Cool Faction Names With Meaning (2022)

So you're just starting a game and your opponent doesn't know what to expect? You might want to use cool faction names that exude an air of coolness. Check out this list; choose his coolest name so they have an idea who they're messing with!

900+ Cool Faction Names (November 2022) Funny, good, badass (1)
  • Outcasts (meaning: The outcasts are the most desperate and angry of all factions. They are sick, hungry, tired, helpless and alone in a cruel world.)
  • Rogue (meaning: a person with no affiliation or responsibility, especially in a group. They can be impetuous and disobedient.)
  • Nomad (meaning nomad, defined by Webster as "a person who does not settle in one place and moves from place to place")
  • Bandits (meaning: Bandits are a group with common interests or thoughts, often criminal. They usually steal goods worth stealing for personal gain.)
  • Ranger (meaning: someone who knows his or her way around the land or sea so that he can find his way around without too much difficulty)
  • Camelots (meaning: Knights of the Round Table)
  • Gangs (meaning: group with common interests or thoughts, mostly criminals)
  • Knights (meaning: medieval warriors serving a feudal lord. They were usually noble and wealthy men who fought in heavy armor on horseback.)
  • Mercenaries (meaning hired soldiers; considered ruthless by some people)
  • Morrowind (meaning a province in the third era of Tamriel. The name comes from an older, less popular word for "north")
  • Picker (meaning: a person who collects scrap, discarded materials, etc., especially as a trade)
  • Rebels (meaning: people who want to overthrow their government)
  • Roses (which stands for: ROSE stands for Revolutionaries Of Sorts Engaged In A New World Order. These rebels work to create chaos to bring about change.)
  • Pagans ("pagan" is an often derogatory term applied to people outside of Christianity, usually meaning infidels; a believer or adherent of paganism)
  • Priest (Meaning: One whose profession it is to preach the gospel. A minister.)
  • Norks (meaning: North Koreans)
  • Saint (meaning: someone who is morally good)
  • Soldiers/Troops (Means: military personnel of an army under the command of officers. These are usually enlisted personnel commanded by non-commissioned officers. A soldier can also refer to any member of the ground forces not assigned to air defense units. )
  • Spies (meaning: spy agencies like MI-six always have their agents gathering intel on enemy governments or conducting covert operations for allies against enemies abroad)
  • Ninjas (meaning: stealth and spy agents in feudal Japan)
  • Paisans (meaning peasants, people who worked on their own farms to grow crops or raise livestock. They were not members of a nobility.)
  • Militias (meaning: citizens who are called to fight in an emergency)
  • Nordics (Old English word meaning member of the Scandinavian people. The Norse were famous for their travels in Europe, Africa and Asia.)
  • Necromancer (meaning: a mage who specializes in using the power of death to cast spells)
  • Outlaws (meaning: someone outside the laws and morals of society, often criminal; a lawless person living on the fringes)
  • Pirates (meaning: people who take part in ship thefts)
  • Spartans (meaning: Ancient Greeks from Sparta, the only ones who preserved their freedom and independence during slavery under Persia)
  • Vikings (meaning: Scandinavian pirates who plundered coastal settlements.)
  • Warlords (meaning: military leaders of a warring faction, especially in ancient China)
  • Mage (meaning: people with magical powers).

I hope you enjoyed reading the list of cool faction names. Some were way better than others and I'm sure choosing from this diverse selection was easy for all of our users. Now it's your turn!

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Good Faction Names (2022)

The type of your crew members is determined by the name you give them. If you want good karma to show up, make sure people call your faction that, and they'll flock to you like flies to honey! Don't forget that a memorable name can also help attract more players to play with or against us. So think about how we sound before you join our ranks.

900+ Cool Faction Names (November 2022) Funny, good, badass (2)

We've put together this list of good faction names for those who need some inspiration - pick one, be proud, play it well.

  • retribution
  • To return
  • rejection
  • prophets
  • fired
  • Vampire
  • bat
  • rogue
  • prisoners
  • threat
  • challenge
  • whirl
  • attack
  • forgetfulness
  • Fortuna
  • disclosure
  • Masked
  • Not official
  • Crusaders
  • Guard posts
  • determination
  • calculate
  • catastrophe
  • Postponed
  • dusk

You've been searching for the perfect clan name, but now you've found it with this list of names. They are attractive and popular in their own right, so if the newly selected one isn't what you're looking for, read on to find a new favorite!

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Rimworld (2022) faction names

What's not to love about the endlessly entertaining world of video games? With all the time they are spending in front of the screen, many gamers are looking for more ways to socialize. One way Rimworld players have achieved this is through factions, where groups compete with others around the world and work together toward common goals!

(Video) 1000+ Best/Cool Sweaty Fortnite GamerTags/Names & Clan Names 2020! (Not Taken)

900+ Cool Faction Names (November 2022) Funny, good, badass (3)

If you want your teammates' personalities to be reflected in the names of the Kidney World factions as much as possible, here are some cool, fun, and cute names from our list:

  • night watch
  • Climax
  • Scraps
  • Sturm
  • wood wolves
  • Maximal
  • Strange
  • Transistor
  • Dynamic
  • Snafu
  • Maestro
  • Heavenly
  • carrier
  • claws
  • predator
  • curators
  • spoiled
  • spoiled
  • Fantastic
  • Symbolic
  • Conventional
  • Fictional
  • Imaginary
  • fabulous
  • Crisis

Well I hope you enjoyed my collection of Rimworld faction names above. Without a doubt, it is now up to you which one is best for your gaming (or any other) clan. It makes sense that this chosen name would help improve your gaming experience.

Hio4 faction names (2022)

Heart of Iron is one of the hit games on Steam; Therefore, its developer releases a new version at short intervals. Looking for faction names that suit your playstyle? You are in the right place.

900+ Cool Faction Names (November 2022) Funny, good, badass (4)

From now on I will share with you all sorts of faction names in Heart Of Iron 4, from funny ones like "The Nightmares" or "Bunnies" and cute ones like "Razzle Dazzles" to hard sounding factions like The Wilds or something more creative, combining words – like my favorite: “Peaceful Warriors”.

  • Expired
  • Nuclear
  • The power
  • Interrupts like Kanye
  • Shadow of the Lost Arcana
  • Lords of spinal treachery
  • Immortal Horde
  • Galactic
  • wandering twilight
  • Direct from Gnomeregan
  • Stingy
  • suicide in disguise
  • to hoard
  • Brotherhood of Bling
  • Under promise
  • met a gnome
  • campfire
  • Absolut
  • Kashmir
  • menacing latin name
  • Gnomish machines of love
  • Indigo
  • frostbite
  • Extreme
  • Aztec
  • something really presumptuous
  • Girls Gone WoW
  • Art of the unknown tide

I hope the list of hio4 faction names above works well for you. There are over 30 options and all are highly recommended, so let's hope one of your naming choices works!

Awesome Faction Names (2022)

You want to be a great player; So your faction should also look bold and attractive. And why not? You are already a great player! So you might as well make sure the people in your clan are just as tough by giving them some creative but cool-sounding names.

900+ Cool Faction Names (November 2022) Funny, good, badass (5)

Here's my list of suggestions: Awesome Faction Names - Check out these new ideas to help you get organized before things get harder:

  • Zuljin Light
  • twisted fate
  • Doomsday-Drachen
  • City Y Army Master
  • the deadly magic
  • Necro Service
  • The Legions of Carpe Sun
  • Risen United
  • Forget destruction
  • O Jomomma
  • Cyclone Scouts
  • Immortal feces
  • The Cucaracha Guardians
  • Ventobravo Minerva
  • Scan clock
  • Forgotten winter
  • dark revenge
  • Crusaders of the Rapid Rejects
  • Sound of the Unforgivable Barbies
  • Scarlet Justice
  • to avalanche
  • Lords of the profane brothers
  • Crimson Paine
  • Shadow's Revenge
  • Legionnaires of the Gods of the Blade
  • the bloodlust
  • rest of the night
  • Infinite Draco
  • Sons of the Scarlet Mercenaries of Darkness
  • Lords of Corpse skirmishers
  • The Mithril Servant Realm

So I hope you enjoy the list of amazing faction names. These are perfect for team play while looking badass!

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Names of Different Factions (2022)

The faction landscape is vast and diverse - from self-proclaimed variant faction names to those with more traditional names. The best way for you to find your perfect name? Scroll down, pick a few that catch your eye, and then take it one step further by making up an interesting story about how they came to be!

900+ Cool Faction Names (November 2022) Funny, good, badass (6)
  • Keepers of Vending Machine Coalition
  • When the fat kids attack
  • has no guild
  • Omgkittensmewmewmew
  • Super mega ultra panda attack power
  • We're probably professionals
  • Revenge of the ignored playground reported
  • close disciples
  • Dorito-Regel
  • Triad
  • Goldfarmen
  • then charge
  • We're pissing you off
  • My tennis bag
  • President of the Horde
  • The barcode team
  • Nut Squirrel Gear
  • It is for L337
  • The Justice of the Garbage
  • Deliverance against the gnomes
  • Beta tested Ur Gf
  • merciless caretakers
  • Omgwatermelonyumyum
  • Nubcake is delicious
  • Armageddon
  • Fat Kids lag Irl

I'm so glad you found the faction name Divergent for your group! If something on this list doesn't sound too good, don't worry because we have more lists; choose between them.

Best Faction Names (2022)

Finding the right name for your faction is a daunting task. Often you get nothing after thinking about it, which can lead to people getting frustrated and giving up before they've even set out to build something from scratch.

But now that you're here at ofzenandcomputing, we've put together an extensive list of some of the best faction names to take care of all your worries!

900+ Cool Faction Names (November 2022) Funny, good, badass (7)
(Video) SS Rank Boy Teams Up With 12 Clumsy Girls But They All Ended Up Becoming His Wives
  • Nightmare on Elfenstrasse
  • Gold plz
  • In Urbase Killin Ur Hordes
  • More Hks than Hitler
  • Tier 6 providers
  • Chicks with Dks
  • Elite Waffle Squad
  • Two ocs a cup
  • R Kelly Pvped em mim
  • Kiwi-Legion
  • Die Mudkipz Patrolz
  • I hate you
  • Latin Company
  • Zomg I'm in a guild
  • Lionel Ritchie-Fanclub
  • irritable vowels
  • Helen Keller against Transit
  • fire heals you
  • dragons of justice
  • Lost souls wander
  • Lazergunspewpew
  • Elected Civil Defenders
  • war brothers
  • Mama the troll touched me
  • Sublime with your mother
  • has your ip
  • Hardcore Pwnographie
  • Less qq more pew pew
  • Kittens with laser guns Pew Pew Mew Mew
  • Pew Pew Sharks with lasers
  • I dps my kids Irl

This list of the best faction names should be perfect for what you're looking for. If your choice isn't quite right, just read through all the categories and choose the one that best suits your needs.

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Good Minecraft Faction Names (2022)

Minecraft is one of the top games and every teenager knows this game. Looking for good Minecraft faction names? Read on as I will give you a list to help you choose. These are all suggestions from die-hard Minecrafters, so we're sure you'll like them!

900+ Cool Faction Names (November 2022) Funny, good, badass (8)

If you want to have more fun online gaming, you should choose a great name that can also stand up to the ideas of others - so all players on both sides have something great about their faction when it comes to wartime.

  • Happy Funny Rainbow Adventure
  • law of superiority
  • Can I have Sum of Gold Plx
  • Penguin-Mafia-Tee
  • it's so terrible
  • It's a good thing we're knights and pimps
  • Bloodthirsty meerkats
  • Solid leather interior
  • Serpents on a Planestrider
  • Catgirl Sparkle Vampire
  • Work - I'm guessing they're playing from work?
  • Hummer
  • pickle seller
  • shield agents
  • Knights of Lohan
  • Great Theft Kodo
  • court of justice
  • Mein Lil Pwny
  • Has a tan monitor
  • Sublime with New England
  • Click to enter text
  • illuminated
  • Merchant for general goods
  • Come honor chest
  • Tase Me Not Bro
  • We PvP Irl
  • Colored pencils taste like purple
  • sick my duck
  • Ursos Panda Fuzzy Wuzzy
  • Wegottabardlol
  • Kamikaze-Pinguine
  • out
  • Your mother is my epic mount
  • Bloodbath and beyond

Badass Faction Names (2022)

The toughest names in the game are listed here to make you look badass with some badass faction names. So what's your style? Look for something that says "I'm not kidding" or maybe just an introverted name - either way, this will let others know how badass they can be with just one look at their username.

900+ Cool Faction Names (November 2022) Funny, good, badass (9)
  • Their mothers a horde
  • Noobs use keyboards
  • Squirrel Master
  • Epic thong fell from her mother
  • Read books, not guild names
  • Pvpness
  • dark rulers
  • Lfg Kara Doh Bg plates
  • Hot girls can't say no
  • Our Selva Bin Laggin
  • Pegue-me Glidin Dirty
  • It hurts when I pvp
  • Elite-Miliz
  • drunk word of power
  • Wts Krol Klinge Pst
  • Lutscher
  • Ice club
  • I have to get candy in the van
  • The guilty have no pride
  • Rawr eat your brain for me
  • Mmos before hoes
  • Ballz Deep Pirates
  • gruul gone wild
  • Hells Panty Raiders
  • Offerer
  • Punisher of Uranus
  • Nightmare on Elfenstrasse
  • Donkey Punch
  • juice and go
  • She looked eighteen

I'm sure your friends will love the new faction name! In fact, I bet you'll be popular with them now. After all, being tough is definitely one of her life goals as well.

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And faction names (2022)

There are many ways to get creative with your names, but the best way is to use words that have meaning. As we all know, old stuff can be gold sometimes, and that means you can use it to your advantage throughout the game.

900+ Cool Faction Names (November 2022) Funny, good, badass (10)

You may not even know how fun it is to name your faction after Og that will make people think differently about playing them! But if you're looking for help choosing, here are my favorite faction names.

  • touch my totem
  • entered your mother
  • I just made you angry
  • O Ganker Supremo
  • made of friends
  • For your health
  • Soldoursalmaforgreens
  • pwnzors you
  • Thunderbluff Steakhouse – Tauren-Gilde
  • children of virtue
  • And two villains in disguise
  • Looks good
  • tights men
  • Blasenherz team
  • Gnome Gone Gangsta
  • Gank or die trying
  • Urgh Urgh Ima Seel
  • Deadmines is serious business
  • Thatched roof huts
  • And two villains in disguise
  • Slow playing children
  • I will dance for gold
  • My little ponies
  • i shave my legs

I have the best! I bet you feel great about your decision to choose one of my names for your group. And if not, don't worry - there are many more entries below (wink).

Funny Faction Names (2022)

Laughter is one of the best memories; It's a real gift. If you can make someone laugh then not only are you an amazing person but you also have the ability to easily draw people towards you.

900+ Cool Faction Names (November 2022) Funny, good, badass (11)

So what if your faction is having trouble attracting players and needs help finding new names for your faction? Why not try these fun ones! I'm going to show you all of them now, so check out this list before you decide which funny faction name sounds the most appealing of them all:

  • whirl
  • Fictional
  • Extreme
  • darkened
  • Fernweh
  • Be silent
  • Absolut
  • curators
  • carrier
  • prophets
  • carrier
  • shameful
  • Sturm
  • Eco
  • Heavenly
  • spoiled
  • wood wolves
  • Scraps
  • Expired
  • Twizzle

Haha! Haha! I'm so glad you enjoyed my funny faction names. It's one of those ways to show some love for your favorite game in a way only we understand, and now with this update from me it's going to be even easier. Good luck finding yours - best wishes.

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Evil Faction Names (2022)

Every team match should be a bit competitive, and with the right faction name, you can really scare off your opponents. If you want them to fear for their lives every time they see that bad-sounding name on screen, then you better not just go with what looks cool or cool.

900+ Cool Faction Names (November 2022) Funny, good, badass (12)

That's because if there are "evil" sounding names out there (which there surely must be), we have no way of knowing which ones are legit without some serious research! So, here is a list of possible evil faction names; All you have to do now is go through each list until you find the most dangerous one.

  • Resistance
  • Galactic
  • Nova
  • Yoisho
  • darkened
  • challenge
  • developed
  • Crisis
  • Climax
  • bat
  • enlightenment
  • Imaginary
  • Vampire
  • Not official
  • Nuclear
  • predator
  • Desire
  • Maestro
  • retribution
  • Elysium

I'm very happy to share this great list of gaming clan names! I bet you will find the perfect name and your opponents will spook when they see it.

Stellaris Faction Names (2022)

Stellaris is a 4X Grand Strategy video game that you can play on Steam. In recent years it has grown in popularity and its users love to play in groups or factions - as playing with other people always makes things more interesting. So if you're thinking of starting your own Stellaris faction? It's definitely worth it!

900+ Cool Faction Names (November 2022) Funny, good, badass (13)

To give your new party a great name, please read this section thoroughly before you begin so you don't regret not considering these Stellaris faction names for yourself:

  • The Black Coalition
  • Legendary Agema
  • The flame
  • Loyalty of the one man society
  • Vogon Blade Poets Mercenaries
  • Chosen Black
  • Rule of the digital guild
  • eternal pajamas
  • Omën of the Stormrage Gods
  • Arkadische Lords
  • The tender alliance
  • Royal Geographical Clan-Engel
  • oder cordarei
  • Lordaeron medieval
  • Arab killer
  • anger of death
  • SPQR
  • Ranger Pain Advice
  • Voodoo Prawns
  • Legion of Warcraft Jubei
  • Honorary Priest in Callers
  • The Great Darkness
  • Ninja phrase
  • Phalanx tones of immortality
  • Aman shot
  • the dead ninjas

Well, I hope you enjoy the Stellaris faction list of names. These names will help you look bold and confident when playing as a team.

Fantasy Faction Names (2022)

You need a creative and clever name if you want to dominate this game. The best way to find a perfect fit is to scroll down and choose from our list of fantasy faction names below. I'm sure one will be perfect for you - after all, we have many options!

900+ Cool Faction Names (November 2022) Funny, good, badass (14)
  • pie defender
  • Cute pink pwnies
  • Headless Deer Society
  • My caps lock on
  • Mexican Border Patrol
  • Kitty Kat Death Squad
  • Your mother is my epic mount
  • Get rich or die
  • One of us is sneaky
  • Fus Ro Dah
  • Mighty Wizards Irl
  • Less beans
  • Rofles E Pancakes
  • i have a heart on
  • Space Balls Die Gilde
  • Taste it before you touch it
  • Elite straight jacket
  • deadly alliance
  • At least we have stables
  • You don't know karate
  • Original
  • Pet the chicken
  • hardcorepwnographie
  • Redd-Allianz
  • Lincoln erased at the opera
  • Brazilian Army
  • Choose M for Murloc

We've collected the best faction names from our fantasy world to help you come up with a great name for your party. We hope this is helpful and good luck!

Top Faction Names (2022)

Factions matter! You must choose the perfect one. When you start a game, it's fun to see what cool and interesting names other players are using for their factions. I was so excited to browse through all these creative faction names that until now I had no idea which name was right for me!

900+ Cool Faction Names (November 2022) Funny, good, badass (15)

So here's my list of top faction names - including some cute, good, badass, creative options - never before has there been such a comprehensive guide!

  • prophets
  • Fernweh
  • claws
  • avalanche
  • Indigo
  • Resistance
  • Fernweh
  • Nova
  • carrier
  • Fernweh
  • Be silent
  • Absolut
  • curators
  • carrier
  • Eco
  • shameful
  • Sturm
  • Extreme
  • darkened
  • Twizzle
  • Aztec

Fabulous! Fantastic! Now I hope these are your words after reading the above paragraph. I'm sure your attractive squad will get the attractive name using the list of top faction names above. Your impressions will look good in your opponent's brain if you use these names. hoping for the best.

Medieval Faction Names (2022)

Don't have a faction name yet? You're lucky! This list will be very helpful to you. Here I will guide you with a list that includes medieval faction names. Visitors found the perfect name in this section, so read through and choose yours today!

900+ Cool Faction Names (November 2022) Funny, good, badass (16)
  • Muffin
  • The Nut Hut
  • I have great pvpness
  • Jfk has been tagged
  • The cake is a lie!
  • I have U Liek Mudkipz
  • Taste and touch it
  • Doesn't see the strategy
  • Nerds with sandwiches
  • U-Bahn Comer Carne
  • When cows attack
  • 10 inch unpolished
  • Gnome Pest Control
  • Great Theft Kodo
  • Rabbits are angry
  • well Zwerge
  • We don't need a cool name
  • hispanic fighters
  • Band of brothers and sisters

Well I hope the list of medieval faction names above works well for you. There's a good number of names on the list, and they're all the cream of the crop. I'm sure you, like others, have the best name. So use that as your faction name and see the results. hoping for the best.

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Epic Faction Names (2022)

Your faction needs two things: great players and a great name. Finding good members is your job, but choosing an epic faction name for your party is up to me. I'm very punctual when it comes to deadlines - from this moment on, you'll be given a list of the best names that fit each faction!

900+ Cool Faction Names (November 2022) Funny, good, badass (17)

Try them out and choose one that works for you - I always succeed in my assignments, so don't worry about anything!

  • Channel Four news team
  • Noobs use mice
  • Dream-Team
  • beat up my kodo
  • no loser
  • Victim of the Uc elevator
  • I go a huge pvpness
  • soft kitty hot kitty
  • i hate running
  • Hogger Raiders Inc.
  • Noobs Enfuego
  • My mother is a hacker
  • Order of the Flaming Phoenix
  • Death Penguin Squad
  • Fat kids are hard to kidnap
  • stds are bops
  • Mega Nubcake Supremo
  • children of truth
  • Do not squeeze the shammy
  • Frenzied Horde connected
  • Commercial Deliveries
  • Come on gentleman
  • Hot girls don't say no
  • shiny pop princess
  • Absolutely gross
  • GsGnome guild in lower case
  • Snakes on a Zeppelin
  • Ten inches unpolished
  • Lolimlegolas
  • Lobster cult
  • Don't laugh at my giraffe
  • whispers of insurrection

Well I hope the above list of epic faction names works for you. The list contains the most popular names. I think you found the name you were looking for. Your friends will appreciate your choice. hoping for the best.

Sci-Fi Faction Names (2022)

The names of the science fiction factions can be found in the list below. Read the entire list and choose your favorite name if you want to create a new faction that fits your personality!

900+ Cool Faction Names (November 2022) Funny, good, badass (18)
  • I'm a cop you idiot
  • Strawberry Banana Fusion
  • Guild Benefits
  • Lol Ur Saped
  • me ebay
  • Pwnographie
  • Hot girls don't say no
  • I banir
  • Ham Sandwich Guild
  • it is divine
  • Alcohol working group
  • white and nerdy
  • iron will
  • Slizzard Bucks
  • fire blades
  • Dinosaur Ninja Jetpack
  • Syphilis-Klinik
  • Wttbrokencapslock for the spacebar
  • Asian power leveler
  • Oprah Windfury Pew Pew Pew
  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Horde
  • Guild name here
  • Lived here
  • Difficult as heroic
  • brb cat on fire
  • Roflcers Of The Lawl
  • And your amazing friends
  • renegades
  • Myspace bar is broken
  • Roscoe's Chicken N Waffles
  • backdoor bandits
  • it's not the face
  • When ganked logs into main and doesn't force me to get my main
  • Cenarion Circle

Well, I hope you've enjoyed reading the list of sci-fi faction names above. This is one of the best lists and I'm sure you were successful in picking the best name for your faction too. If not, continue to the next category given below. hoping for the best.

RHS faction names (2022)

As faction leader, you must give your team an identity that can support them. The group name is something people will be seeing and hearing about all the time, so it's important that you choose one wisely. From time to time I need help choosing the right word for our organization. Check it out and find the best RHS faction name that feels the best!

900+ Cool Faction Names (November 2022) Funny, good, badass (19)
  • At least we have limited the stables
  • Please
  • Fat Kids lag Irl
  • The great
  • Super Squishy Squad
  • Murlocalipse
  • Strange look for the draenei
  • You hate us because you're not us
  • Goldbauer
  • Superfreche Pandas
  • I have to get candy in the van
  • Beep, beep, I'm a jeep
  • Csi Ventobravo
  • Beep Boop I'm a robot lol
  • slaughter station
  • I left my wife because of wow
  • Gnomeregan was our fault
  • United Alcoholic Pirates
  • Omgflammingkittenlollolol
  • Batteries not included
  • Grabastic Battle Squishys
  • king of heaven
  • We have a tabard
  • Scholomance chess team
  • time lords
  • Molten Core Swim Team
  • constant movement
  • I play my guildmates
  • Direct from Hillsbrad
  • random people
  • STDs are bad
  • Kandy Catching Camel

Well I hope the list of RHS faction names above works well for you. The list includes the best of the best and most popular names. I think you found the name you were looking for. Your friends will appreciate your choice. hoping for the best.

Frequently asked questions:

1. What is a faction name?

a factionName can be any word, phrase or sentence that describes the group of people or things you want to unite. Some examples are: "The Awesome Team", "The Boring Group" and "A Cool Group".

2. What makes a great faction name?

Words like great, cool, great and excellent make us feel good about your choice! And if you choose words like boring and lame, we won't be so thrilled. They can also include numbers in their names (e.g. The Three Amigos) as this will help other players find them more easily on their game map as well as when searching for factions in the game's lobby list.

last words

The faction names are really fun and give each player their own personality. If you're looking for inspiration for choosing your next game, this list should help you narrow down your options! Which faction would you like to be in?


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