How to Hack a Vending Machine: 100% Working Hacks (2023)

How to Hack a Vending Machine: 100% Working Hacks (1)

Today I am going to share with you how to hack a 100% working vending machine. We provide you with all the information you need to answer the question: how to cheat a vending machine?

What if one day it rains food instead of just water. Do you see it as another miracle, or do you suddenly grasp everything you have? I was only joking. But if you wish, it will come true. Yes, do that by hacking any size vending machine with some cheat codes.

Shop for snacks, drinks, cupcakes, pizzas and anything else you want to eat, regardless of the season or item, without paying a single dollar. Around the world, many people like to break vending machines. When things go wrong, they sometimes end up in jail.

Did you know that there are many different brands and types of vending machines such as coin operated, credit/debit card, contactless (PayPal, RFID, NFC) etc.

Unfortunately, there is no single code that works on all vending machines. But if you decide not to feed vending machines dollar bills, read on to learn how to smartly hack a vending machine without getting caught by the owners.

So, without delay, let's get to the topic of how to hack a snack vending machine. You don't need any skills or gadgets to hack drink vending machines. So how do you trick a vending machine? Just follow the lines to replace the vending machine system.

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How to hack a vending machine to get free stuff:

How to Hack a Vending Machine: 100% Working Hacks (2)

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For decades, this frustrating device has toyed with many people. Some also lose their money when things get stuck inside and the system doesn't work properly, making these vending machine hack codes more meaningful to users.

So, to prevent your money from being fed into vending machines, the following vending machine hacks will help you get snacks, drinks, pizza, cash and other items for free.

Unten sind die 9 Getränkeautomaten-Hacks, mit denen Sie die Sicherheit jedes Verkaufsautomaten knacken können.

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Trick 1 –Get your money back:

One of the easiest slot machine tricks is to get your money back. But how is that possible? Get your cash back along with snacks with this simple vending machine hack. All you need is some paper money and tape. Like the old coin and string trick, glue the ribbon to one end of the bill and feed it into the machine.

After accepting the slip, grab some food and use the pull out method to withdraw the slip.

If something goes wrong, forget about the snacks and press the change key. If not, fool the vending machine and get your free stuff without putting in the actual dollar bills.

Trick 2 –Code for free Nesquik drinks:

How to hack Nesquik vending machine? Well, there are some vending machine hack codes for that. If you're in need of a tasty free drink and you find a Nesquik 10-button coin operated machine, try this secret machine code to get a cool drink absolutely free (44455544455).

Use the 4 and 5 keys to enter the character string. When you finish, you get free drinks or you get credit.

Choose one of your favorite drinks and it's down. You can also try this vending machine cheat code (137137137)which may even work on some older models with keyboards.

So if you are thirsty, use these vending machine cheat codes to get it for free.

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(Video) This cool hack for a vending machine:

Trick 3 –Set your own price:

Decide to price an item based on your own numbers. Regardless of the original prices printed on the packages, instead of multi-digit numbers, set your own price or set it to zero. It's a good price, isn't it?

How to get a vending machine to give you a free soda? On newer Pepsi machines with large buttons, use the key combination below to get a drink at your chosen price.

  • Far left Pepsi > Near right Cola
  • Near left Pepsi > Far right Cola
  • Far left Pepsi > Near right Cola
  • Leftmost Pepsi > Leftmost Pepsi
  • Near right coke > right coke

You can also use the above shortcut to view the loss stats/errors or set the price. The cheat code for the vending machine (42313214321)may work on other machines. Use These Vending Machine Tricks To Get Free Lemonade Today!

Trick 4 –Earn money with an old vending machine:

Fill your pockets with lots of coins with this soda machine hack hack. If you find an old vending machine nearby or elsewhere, enter this vending machine cheat code (432112311)on the keyboard and press the loading lever until you hear the sound of coins falling.

Once all the coins are distributed, collect them and go home. This soda machine hack trick works best on old machines and can cost you a maximum of $15 in cash. You can also buy something from the machine with change. This is one of the oldest vending machine tricks, but it still works like a charm.

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Trick 5 –Confuse the older snack or drink vending machines:

Whether you're not interested in paying a bit for vending machines to get your stuff, or you decide to get more by paying less, this soda vending machine hack trick will help you get more stuff than to get the original. 🇧🇷

To do this, find an old vending machine that also has sensors on the gate. Then enter the money and select yours as usual. But before the machine releases your item, hold the gate for a while.

Then the item sits at the back of the gate thinking it didn't spend anything. Later you can choose another item or get a refund amount with the coin return mechanism.

Trick 6 –Hack a Conveyor Belt Coke Machine:

If Coca-Cola is your favorite drink and when you see it, surely you're choosing it more and more, right? You know all the money is going out of your pockets. How to get a vending machine to give you as much coke as you want? This simple sales trick dispenses multiple drinks for one paper bill.

I hope you are familiar with vending machines equipped with conveyor belts to deliver drinks. So if you only have money for a soft drink or a coke, put in the money first and choose your drink.

Then reach into the machine and push the door to confuse it. After returning the money, repeat the process until you have all the drinks you need.

(Video) Does TAPE On A Dollar Hack ACTUALLY Work In A Vending Machine??

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Everyone has some crafting and design skills. If you are one of them, your skills to hack vending machines easily will help you. To learn how to hack a vending machine check out this vending machine hack.

So how do you trick a vending machine? The process is very simple. Take a small coin and wrap layers of aluminum foil over it to make it look bigger and more expensive (electrical tape can work too). This can trick the vending machine into thinking you paid full price.

If you can come up with the right coin, this soda machine hacking trick will work on most machines in the US, but you'll need a bit of luck to pull it off. Also, you have the slot machine codes discussed here to increase your chances of getting free snacks.

Trick 8 –fake paper coins:

Only the above vending machine hack, this hack is also similar to it. But you have to use paper or cardboard to confuse the machine. All you need is a piece of cardboard, foil, a pen and scissors. How to trick a vending machine with these homemade items?

First, take a cardboard box and sketch the coin. Cut out the coin, cover with aluminum foil and lay flat. Find an old vending machine and insert the coins you earn. This vending machine hack easily tricks a candy vending machine.

This trick also works for parking meters. Before doing so, get an idea of ​​the technology of the machine you have chosen (choose the old ones).

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Trick 9 –check your luck:

Old is always gold. Most people look for luck, those who dare to try their luck. This vending machine hack can save you money. Most older vending machines have a bug that gives you back a shredded dollar bill while still crediting it. While this isn't like any of your traditional vending machine hack codes, it's still worth trying.

This could only work with a hacked credit card and loyalty card reader. In fact, many of the vending machines are now in good condition. If you know you're lucky, find the shot and try this vending machine hack trick.

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frequently asked questions:

How to Hack a Vending Machine: 100% Working Hacks (3)

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1. How to make fake paper coins?

One of the easiest DIY vending machine hacks is to make fake paper coins. All you need is a piece of cardboard, foil, a pen and scissors. First take the cardboard and sketch the coin.

Cut out the coin, cover with aluminum foil and lay flat (try using thicker foil to make the coin more valuable). Find an old vending machine and insert the coins you earn.

2. How do I get free soda from a vending machine?

For soda machine hacks, first drop in some cash and choose your drink. Then reach into the machine and push the door to confuse it.

After returning the money, repeat the process until you have all the drinks you need. It only works on old machines. Check out the vending machine codes discussed above.

3. Do All These Vending Machine Hacks Really Work?

Sure, but there are no universal machine codes that work on all machines. Some only work with old ones. Anyway, if you want to get something for free, try the vending machine hacks discussed above.

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conclusion of the article:

It doesn't matter what you want, if you're hungry don't think about the money, bookmark this page and use one of the vending machine hacks to get free stuff. Most of the vending machine codes and tricks discussed above actually work with the right machine.

If you liked this post, forward it to your friends and keep following us. If you have any other vending machine hacks, let us know in the comments section below.

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