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In its second generation of the "AD/BW" series, launched in 2016, Volkswagen's Tiguan midsize SUV proved to be much more sophisticated, as it had to be to take on a wide range of crossovers and full-SUV-oriented rivals. Sleek good looks combine with sharp dynamics and a more sophisticated four-wheel drive system, making this car a more credible tool when the going gets tough. There's a plush interior too, making this car feel a bit more well-rounded than many key rivals.


It's easy to forget today that the Tiguan was the only SUV Volkswagen offered for a long time. This is one of the reasons why the first generation Tiguan model of the “5N” series sold well, selling more than 2.8 million units in a production run from 2007 to 2015. However, when it was launched the new Tiguan in 2016, things continued Volkswagen continued the programme, expanding its SUV range and making the MK2 Tiguan available in both a standard version and a long-wheelbase “Allspace” variant. This spawned a range of derivatives, with the aim of offering a variant for almost everyone, both for customers who simply wanted something that looked like an SUV, and for customers who regularly off-roaded. It was a powerful job, this Tiguan MK2 performed quite well. Here we take a look at the original pre-facelift versions of this second generation "AD/BW" series car, in its standard body form, from a used buying perspective. This was sold until mid-2020, when it underwent a facelift and was significantly modernized.

what you get

Volkswagen's chief designer, Klaus Bischoff, describes the look of this second-generation Tiguan model as "very passionate." Maybe it is, in a very German way. It's certainly a thing of intricate design, cut like a diamond with super-sharp grooves and folds. And in MK2 form, this car was taller than before, 60mm longer and 30mm wider, though the height was lowered by 33mm to create a lower, leaner stance. More important, of course, is what you can't see, particularly the stiffer, more sophisticated golf-style MQB deck bases that sit beneath the precise, carefully contoured lines. This high-tech chassis was central to the development of this slightly larger, significantly lighter and more sophisticated car that, as we'll see, also makes more efficient use of interior space than its predecessor. You'll no doubt appreciate that once you're behind the wheel, but what becomes even more apparent once you settle into the waist-high seats is that this Tiguan has ranked higher than Qashqai-class models with The ones that once competed left and can now offer true premium quality. What you'll also notice is the big step up in media connectivity this second-generation model delivered over the MK1 Tiguan – all the “cool, quiet and connected” ad. An 8-inch infotainment screen dominates the center console on all models. On some vehicles this is upgraded with the "Discover Navigation" system, which was fitted as standard on the more luxurious variants and was optionally available in the lower price segments. Whichever display you have fitted, the touchscreen effectively handles the usual DAB stereo, Bluetooth phone and vehicle information functions and comes with Volkswagen's smart 'App Connect' feature on almost all trim levels. This is the starting point of the brand's "Car-Net" connectivity system and the central tool for bringing the best features of your smartphone to your Tiguan through the "Apple CarPlay", "Android Auto" and MirrorLink systems. Even smarter is that Volkswagen designers created the ability to put much of this information right in your field of vision thanks to an option that many first-time owners had incorporated: the 'Active Information Display'. Now we're getting used to something like this from different brands: a 12.3-inch TFT screen that completely replaces the traditional instrument panel dials with an almost infinitely customizable layout of sharp virtual graphics. The rear seat is where you sit in the car Most people appreciate the benefits of the 26mm longer interior length of this MK2 model: it offers 29mm more knee room than the previous model and the flexibility to arrange the things by using a sliding rear seat to be further improved. And the boot? With this MK2 design, the loading threshold has been lowered, making loading and unloading bulky cargo a bit easier. The hatch opens to reveal a spacious 520-litre boot.

where to look

Most of the Tiguan MK2 owners we interviewed were very happy with their cars, but there were sure to be a few who had issues to pay attention to. We found some issues with the DSG automatic transmission. Another owner reported faulty electronics and several faulty sensors, as well as problems with the GPS system. Also, check for the usual stuff: child damage inside, scratched alloys, etc. It's unlikely that a Tiguan has seen any serious off-road use, but check the bottom of the 4MOTION variants just in case. And of course, insist on a fully certified service history. There have also been a number of product recalls over the life of this original MK2 model. Therefore, make sure that the car you are looking at has been taken to a proper dealer for repair. Recalls were issued for models manufactured between August and November 2016 (a problem with the front seat back frame); for Tiguans built between October 2018 and May 2019 (engine low rpm torque issues); for Tiguans built in February 2019 (cracks in the left front seat frame); for vehicles manufactured between May and October 2016 (problems with airbags and seat belt tensioners); for vehicles manufactured between May 2016 and November 2018 (problems with the trailer hitch locking mechanism); for vehicles manufactured in January 2018 (cracks in the front brake disc); for Tiguans built in October 2019 (fuel tank wall thickness issue); and models made between May 2016 and June 2019 (a problem with the roof spoiler)

replacement parts

[Based on a 2017 115hp 2.0 TDI diesel model] An air filter costs between £7-20, an oil filter between £5-8 and a fuel filter between £9-9. Price range is from around £22, but a more expensive brand name filter can cost £28. A water pump is likely to cost between £102 and £175. The brake discs we found were priced from £65 to £140, while the most expensive discs ranged from £223 to £257. Rear disc brakes cost between £60 and £167. A set of front brake pads costs between £25 and £68, but you can pay up to £112 for more expensive brands. Rear pads are between £23 and £40. An alternator is around £162, a starter is between £110 and £158; a thermostat costs £13-13; a wiper blade costs £13-26; a headlamp costs around £168; A rear light is around £127.


The dynamics of this Tiguan were significantly improved for this MK2 model by incorporating a higher-tech, lighter and stiffer MQB platform that allowed engineers to reduce body roll without the need for an awkward, overly firm ride. Buyers from this country prefer to order this car with 4MOTION 4WD. That's why Volkswagen improved this system and added a '4MOTION Active Control' setting, which allows you to customize the operation of the four-wheel drive system even more specifically in both on and off-the-beaten-track conditions. That's one of the things that makes this car surprisingly good off-road. Under the hood, the range relies heavily on 2.0-litre TDI engines, with buyers choosing between 115, 150, 190 or 240hp. Most customers opt for the 150PS mid-range variant, which is available from the start with or without 4MOTION or DSG automatic transmission. Of course, if you forego both and stick with 2WD and manual transmission, you get the best efficiency figures, which in the case of the 150PS 2.0 TDI variant is 57.6 mpg combined cycle and 125g/km of fuel. CO2 (both NEDC values) . If you need a petrol model, there are several 1.4-litre TSI options, as well as a 2.0-litre TSI engine with 180bhp.


It's not hard to see why the Tiguan is so popular in its industry. There is the possibility of getting all the quality of a premium mid-range SUV at the price of a budget name brand competitor. You get the asphalt-driving abilities of a Qashqai-like crossover, but at the same time you get the ability to utilize virtually all of the off-road capabilities of a more capable model. And the overall package includes the enduring appeal of the Volkswagen emblem and the associated enduring residual values. In short, what ultimately matters is that this product is good enough to meet your very varied and difficult requirements. It says a lot that there is actually some truth to Volkswagen's claim that this MK2 Tiguan model has, in some ways at least, subtly redefined what a car of this type should be. We cannot pay you a higher compliment.

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